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After I finished recording the songs for Old Shadows last year, I felt it was time for a change. I debuted many of the songs in June and had physical copies of the album by early July. I had put in my notice for the band I had been in for over a decade. Over a decade of gigging, writing, recording and camaraderie. Over a decade of driving around in a van, flying, travelling, new friends, new relationships, moving, families starting, life happening. But now what?

My final shows with the band were in October and I took time off from music throughout the holidays. I've had very few extended breaks from music since I was in high school. Once when I was between bands and contemplated moving down south and once after my daughter was born. My daughter is now 13 and I was hoping to spend more time with the family but she was upset that I had quit being a guitar player in a rock band!

When the new year had started I got the itch to do a few solo shows and see how it would go. I had one set worth of material so I couldn't book a full night so how was I going to play anywhere with one hours worth of material? My friend Rob Anthony called with a few dates opening for him. Then Kevin Huss had a few dates in mind. Then I got to play a set before The Lately and the next thing you know I was opening for Tate Rooper and then Karate School! This has been an awesome way to start 2018!

I look forward to these acoustic sets where i can play some guitar and try out some new songs. I'm so inspired lately and have a few new songs in the works. I may also start playing the new songs with a full band in the near future! More on that later...


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