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Over the past year I have managed to record 9 songs at Studio H here in Appleton, WI. Recording Sessions typically had Tony Anders at the helm in the control room and myself out in the room with a guitar. It was quite a change from recording with a full band where we all crowded in the control room together to listen back to the tracks and give constant feedback and support. This project felt a lot more personal and a bit more solitary... from the start of the writing process to the studio.

These sessions were sometimes done quickly over a lunch break, sometimes starting late at night going early into the morning. A few of these sessions we were lucky enough to have a guest musician or two. Andy Mertens came in to play upright bass on a beautiful sunny day. I've known Andy since the mid nineties so it was about time we did something together! Chris Szebeni came in to do percussion during a blizzard so we got to spend some extra time recording some civil war sounding snare and a marching bass drum while we were trapped inside the studio. Matt Gieseke was there numerous nights, always after a night of teaching or after a rehearsal and we usually found time for a few drinks afterwards! I can't thank these guys enough for their time and talent.

So now the songs are written and recorded and it's time to get this album out there!

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