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Photo By: Macy Thiel

Armchair Astronaut


I sent Producer Marc Golde a stripped down demo of a song called "Satellite" that I had on soundcloud. He texted me back with some big, crazy idea to add strings, horns, tubular bells, tympani, a choir, and an opera singer to it. What the hell right?! I went in and recorded my parts at the end of 2019 along with 9 other songs. We were going to finish it in the spring and have it released on May 5th 2020. National Astronaut day. But then the world got locked down in March of 2020. Marc was locked down in the studio with that song "Satellite." By mid April he had added all of those instruments, slowly building the song up. Matt Hammen and Pat Wydeven came in to lay down some heavy bass and drum tracks that come in towards the end, Anastasia Lee and Danielle Darpo came in to do some vocals and the whole experience is documented in an hour long video! It's called Marc Golde Mixes satellite by Tom Thiel and it's a fun, entertaining look inside Marc's process.

I wanted to make this record feel like the scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy walks out of the black and white into full color. Louder, quieter, colorful... Marc's vision for satellite was a perfect fit. Eventually we had 10 songs mostly recorded. Just sitting there waiting. And waiting. Finally in April of 2021 we revisited the songs and mixed them down. Only one song was cut and the remaining 9 make up this record Armchair Astronaut.    

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